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Experienced Solicitors

Conveyancing Queensland’s dedicated property Solicitors serve clients in Brisbane and throughout the world.  With our foundations spanning back over 50 years, we are in a position to provide our clients with the highest standard of legal advice and skill in Conveyancing Law.


Every area of the Law is impinged upon,  and whilst Property Law is our focus, we are also experienced in:

  • Asset Protection;
  • Taxation Liability;
  • Blended Families,
  • Defacto Relationships and more.

Powerful Conveyancing Software

As a division of The LawStore Group of boutique legal firms, we have exclusive access to LawStore Conveyancing Software.


The most advanced conveyancing system of its type available in Australia today; this software is built upon a collaborative data base accessed by standard internet browsers.  It allows fast, efficient communication between businesses and clients at any time and from anywhere in the world.


We have been operating on this leading system for more than 20 years, enabling us to deliver a result that has remained at the cutting edge of service and quality throughout this time.


Our aim is to continue to lead the industry for the next 20 years and beyond. Try us.

Personalised Service

Conveyancing Queensland is a member of The LawStore Group of boutique legal firms, and we deal in ALL areas of conveyancing law.


We deal with the normal “vanilla” conveyances and we also handle the cases that the other conveyancing guys won’t.


We don’t have a “too hard basket”… when the going gets tough, Conveyancing Queensland gets it done.

Being a firm dedicated to Property Law, we have the ability and the desire to know our customers by name.  We listen… we take the time to get to know you and your needs.  By understanding the Law and your goals, we are able to provide you with the right information and advice.


We also have the ability to consider your needs today and work hard to ensure the decisions you make today result in the best outcome for you in all circumstances.

Discover the Difference

We do not believe in bulk production.  We believe in you the person whom we are undertaking the conveyance for.  You have particular needs, beliefs and wants and above all you are not a file number – you are real person with a name.


As we are not a “mass” conveyancing firm, we at Conveyancing Queensland can take the time to  treat you and your conveyancing needs as our number one priority.  Our goal is to ensure that you completely understand every step of the process and at all times are comfortable with those steps as they relate to your situation.

Contact Us / Quote Requests

If you would like to experience the Conveyancing Queensland difference for your property purchase or selling conveyancing needs, please submit a quote request or contact us to discuss things further.


Small-Firm Service, Backed by Big-Firm Resources.


We don’t have a “too hard basket”… when the going gets tough, we simply get it done.


Upon solicitor review, your ‘100% obligation free’ quote is emailed instantly.

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