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Selling a Business

Business owners choose to sell for many different reasons.  No matter what your reason, selling your business should never be rushed. Seek professional legal advice early on to ensure the process is done correctly.  It will save you time and money.

Before you put your business on the commercial market, consider if there isn’t another option such as selling to a family member, employee, customer, supplier, competitor or industry colleague.  You also may consider selling to a third party, whilst remaining on in a management role.

You will also need ensure all your financial records and operational documents are up to date, to hasten the sale process.

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Purchasing a Business

Phase 1 – Getting Your “Full Story”
Purchasing a business is a big move, and each purchaser will have different motivators and end goals.  We, as your legal advisors, will firstly need to understand you and your goals – both personal and business – to ensure we provide the best possible guidance, that will lead to your individual end goal.

Phase 2 – Investigating The Business
There are endless considerations that should be made and questions to be asked of the
vendor to ensure we know as much as possible about this business.

Some of the key areas for consideration include:

  • the vendor’s financial records
  • all relevant operational documents
  • whether the vendor runs similar businesses
  • the state of existing stock
  • the current and future climate of this industry
  • the presence of a current marketing plan
  • staffing needs
  • any trademarks or patents.

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Lease Renewals

With more than 30 years’ experience, there is no commercial leasing case too complex for Conveyancing Queensland.

Our team of solicitors will aim to ensure you and your business premises negotiate favourable terms and conditions that will be of benefit for now and into the future.

Some quick tips you may find of help:

  • If you lease your commercial or retail property, you should begin reviewing the lease terms up to 12 months prior to the end date.
  • By law, a landlord is required to provide a written notice at least six months, but no longer than one year, prior to the end of the lease.
  • The notice will either offer you, as the tenant, a new lease (including information on the terms and conditions) or advise you of the landlord’s intention NOT to offer a renewal or extension.

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All areas of Commercial Conveyancing are covered, including:

  • Commercial and tax structuring
  • Asset protection
  • Purchase/sale of businesses
  • Purchase/sale of a commercial/retail property
  • Property leasing and financing requirements
  • Franchising (both franchisee and franchisor)
  • Licensing and intellectual property

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