Selling A Property

One of Life’s major events – do not take it lightly

Regardless of whether it is a residence or an investment, the sale of a property will be one of the most important decisions that you will ever make.

By engaging the services of Conveyancing Queensland, you will be partnering with our dedicated team who will guide you through every step of the selling process.

We can handle EVERY scenario

The conveyance process requires adherence to complex rules and protocols. We have well designed and monitored systems in place to ensure that your conveyance is done right and in a timely manner.


There are also times when other areas of law (such as Family/Divorce Law) may need to be drawn on for your particular circumstance. We provide exceptional, personalised advice whether your property sale is straightforward, or more complex with a variety of legal aspects to consider.

Let's take the stress out of selling

We are here to help take the stress out of the sales process, by:

  • listening, asking questions and ensuring we have your full story
  • guiding you, step-by-step, through the process
  • ensuring you are informed and confident every decision.

Fees and Charges

The costs associated with purchasing a property fall into three categories: Conveyancing (legal) Fees, Government Charges and Additional Costs.  These have been outline in more detail below.

Flat Rate Fees

We believe every conveyance and every client is different.  For this reason we charge a flat rate for the normal conveyancing attendances but will charge on a “User Pays” basis for additional attendances that are outside the normal requirements. Sometimes these costs are able to be recovered or negotiated with the other side.

Government Charges

When purchasing, there are standard State and Local Government charges such as Stamp Duty, Registration fees and search and inspection fees.

Use our Stamp Duty Calculator to estimate your Stamp Duty charges

Additional Costs

When purchasing a property, you should be mindful of the additional costs that can be associated with this process.  Not all of the list below will apply to everyone, but some potential charges to consider include:
– Lender’s fees
– Inspection costs
– Insurance
– Moving costs
– Estate agent fees

Search Fees

We carry out a comprehensive list of property checks and searches, which are charged to you without markup ensuring you are only paying for what you get.

Other Disbursements

Sometimes we incur additional costs such as non-local phones, bank charges, photocopying and fax charges.  These are automatically tracked and noted on your file.

If these charges exceed our standard $35.00 per file rate we reserve the right to charge for them on an as used basis.

All fees and charges are presented and explained to ensure you have the whole story of the property being purchased.

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